Tricks To Improve Your Game

Improve Your Tennis

Practicing tennis with your friends or taking lessons from your tennis coach will of course improve your game and is the best way to learn. Also watching the top pro’s playing will give you great ideas to bring into your game to improve it.

But there is also some tricks of the trade that may also aid your game, in this blog we feature some of them.

Serving Tips

If you have problems with your service toss there are several tips that can aid you.

  • Do not hold the ball in your hand when you throw it up, use your fingertips. Begin the toss in front of you and throw the ball forward where you imagine the point of contact.
  • Do not flick the ball with your wrist as you release it, and let go with your hand at as high a spot as is comfortable, minimum as high as your head. If the distance between release and contact points is short then there is less chance the ball will go astray.
  • Marke sure to throw the ball only as far as the point you will make contact. The higher the ball goes the more chance that it will drift and also harder to hit. Finally reach for the ball with the arm that tossed it.
  • Trying to aim the ball at your opponent will usually result in a weak return which will allow you to hit an aggressive second shot.

Groundstroke Tips

  • When hitting forehand shots, remember to keep your palm forward.
  • When hitting backhand strokes, remember to keep your knuckles forward.
  • When you make contact with the ball, your head should remain above your center of gravity, and be motionless. This gives more balance and lets you track the ball easily and recover for your next stroke.
  • If you hit the ball late, or struggle with placement try adjusting your wrist position. If you hold your wrist back as you prepare for shots, you will be able to align the strings so that they contact the ball sooner.

Footwork Tips

Tennis is a game full of dynamic and quick movements. Train your footwork accordingly. Jogging will give you overall fitness, but you need to develop your speed.

  • Practice sprinting short distances in varying directions, sprint for 10 seconds then rest for 10 seconds, and repeat.
  • Incorporate jumping and hopping, any movements that will help you increase impact speed.
  • Teach yourself to run hundreds of sprints rather than one long marathon.

Tennis tips and tricks are merely quality advice, try to implement some of the above until you are doing them naturally, you will suddenly find that you are playing at a new level.