Night Tennis Competitions

Night Competitions

Our fast tennis night competitions run for ten weeks and are designed for you to play a lot of tennis in a little amount of time – and the format has proved very popular!

The scoring is similar to table tennis scoring where you score in points rather than sets and swap serves every five points. You then rotate between playing doubles and singles every half hour over the two hours – it’s a lot of fun!!

You can join as a team or join individually and we’ll partner you up. The competitions cater for all different standards and abilities so there’s something for everyone.

Competition is run Mondays-Thursdays, 8pm – 10 pm and includes both doubles and singles.

Cost:       $198 for ten weeks of competition

Singles Competitions

Chatswood Tennis Club run multiple singles competitions throughout the week. The singles matches consist of two tiebreak sets with a 10 point tie-break if the match is one set apiece

Mondays from 6.30pm

Wednesdays from 6.30pm

Cost: $176 for 10 weeks of competition

Competition Reserve

Here at Chatswood Tennis Club we are always on the lookout for players to fill in for regular comp players who are unable to play in their matches throughout the week! So if you cannot commit to a long term competition and are willing to fill in as a reserve call the club and we can put your name on a reserve list that suits you!