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Winning Tennis Tactics Concepts

Winning Tennis Strategy and Concepts

Learning technique in tennis is the first thing that you do playing socially or at your club. However, if you want to progress to the next level then tactics need to be absorbed and this is normally done at a professional level with your tennis coach.

There are many myths regarding tennis strategy and if you study the pro’s playing try and work out which strategies they are using.

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Angelique Kerber Game Analysis

It is a well known fact that watching good and professional players can really help your game. Studying top players technique and temperament can add many factors to your game and give you top pointers how to improve.

In this blog we focus on Angelique Kerber, who reached the top ten for the first time in 2012 and made it to Wimbledon semi-finals.
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Top Spin in Tennis

Topspin Tennis – Is It Better?

Watching the pro’s there always looks like there is a world of difference to local club or recreational tennis.

There are many differences: the power of the shots, the speed of the ball, the agility of the players, the tactics, the type of shots played and the mentality being used.

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The Importance Of Technique

There are many factors that are involved in contributing your improvement as a tennis player. Many of these you can address with your tennis coach.

Efficient tennis technique is the cornerstone of every great player, without technique you can be as fit and mentally prepared as you possibly can, but you will not succeed.

If you study the pro’s you will see that the professionals are close to identical when it comes to their racket and body positions around contact. There are different styles of strokes, but when it comes to positioning there really is only the correct and incorrect way.

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Tennis Myths

Possibly one of the biggest myths in tennis is that tennis is 90% mental. This may possibly be the case from the professional player, but as for the average social player nothing could be further from the truth.

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Tennis Drills And Mental Training

Repitition, repitition, repitition…. That is what many tennis coaches will drill into their students from day one. And there are valid reasons for this, just like primary school where your teacher makes you sing multiple arithmetic songs over and over again.

Your brain needs constant repetitions to remember to retain the information, in some easy cases this sticks but sometimes you have to continue the repetition on a regular basis even though you might have perfected it.

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Groundstroke Drills

Because of the varied amounts of shots in tennis and the different techniques needed to perform them it is advisable that you practice individual shots with your coach.

However there are some drills that you can practice yourself, with a partner or even with your coach, and groundstroke drills are fundamental to your overall tennis game.

The purpose of all drills in any sport is to teach the player to play instinctively and to empty the mind when performing. If you regularly incorporate these drills in your training routine they will improve your fighting spirit. The scoring element in these drills are the key to improve motivation and perseverance.

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Australian Tennis

Why Is A Clay Surface Different?

For those players who have had the good fortune of playing tennis on different surfaces, then you will surely know that grass, clay and hard court surfaces all have different characteristics that differentiate one from another.
Not just in bounce and speed of the ball, but also how you need to adapt physically to play on each and every one of them.

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Four Ways To Improve Your Smash

Four Ways To Improve Your Smash

Watching the masters perform an overhead smash is one of the greatest sights in tennis, it is one of the hardest shots to master but once you have then it is a devastating part of your attack. Done correctly it is neigh impossible to return.

To perform a smash timing is crucial and for a lot of players the temptation is to over-hit the ball. The feeling of finishing off a point with a powerful and spectacular shot is hard to resist. However, it can lead to very embarrassing mistakes.

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How To Warm Up Before The Game

Essential Tennis Warm Up Before A Game

Whether you are preparing before a game or taking a regular training session, it is of vital importance that you perform an effective warm up before you play or train.

An effective tennis warm up increases the heart rate and blood through the body, it will also help help the muscles and joints for exercise and stimulates the nervous system.

Your club coach will advise you how to warm up before sessions and remember to include these top tips in your session.

A thorough warm up should include:-

  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Muscle movement
  • Range of Motion
  • Shadowing
  • Adequate stretching
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