Adult Tennis

Cool Down Techniques

Cool Down Techniques For Tennis

It is always important to regularly perform a cool down regime after you do any physical exercise and tennis is no exception.

Reputable tennis clubs such as Tennis World Chatswood have tennis professionals that can teach you cool down techniques during a coaching session.

Always cool down after exercise, it allows blood to keep moving rather than becoming trapped in the muscles. Skipping the cool down could result in dizziness, faintness, irregular heartbeats or nausea.

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Tennis for People with disability

Tennis For People With A Disability

Tennis is a marvellous activity on so many levels, it is great for fitness, physical and mental health and to socialise with like minded people from all different walks of life.

Whilst for most able-bodied people it is relatively easy to go to the park and hire a court with some friends it is a little more difficult for physically challenged people.

However, it can benefit such people even more than able-bodied, as the social side of the game is superb for developing all sorts of interaction skills.

Some clubs such as Tennis World Chatswood provide facilities and coaching for all people at all levels.

So what is available for different groups of physically challenged players?
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The Different Strokes In Tennis – The Serve

To the uninitiated, tennis is quite a complex game. The scoring to say the least is highly unusual and the court markings

to the beginner can be a bit daunting.

Mostly though it is the different strokes in tennis that confuse the learner or newcomer. Which stroke should be played for what shot, sometimes it is not as obvious as you may think.

Some of the options below might help in selecting the right stroke to play a serve, the selection is often paramount to winning the point.

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The Different Strokes In Tennis – Speciality Shots

Having focused on how to serve and how to return a serve it is now time to draw attention to the shots that may be played during the duration of a point.

There are many ways to try and outfox your opponent with disguised shots and unexpected selection of shot. This is why tennis is such a superb mental as much as a physical game.

Approach Shot

This type of shot is played as you advance “Approach” towards the net. As a result it allows the player to come off the baseline in an attempt to hit a winner.

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Ten Reasons to Play Tennis

We all know the participation in any sport is good for your health but what are the specific reasons that tennis is particularly good. Highlighted are ten top reasons that have been identified that focuses solely on the racket game.

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