Backhand Tips Tennis

Backhand Tips

For some reason many players fear the backhand shot, to have a weak backhand is common amongst amateur players and can often be very costly. The reason for this is that there are alternatives to playing a backhand shot, for instance many players run around the backhand to play a more favoured forehand.

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Tennis Footwork Techniques

Essential Tennis Footwork

If you wish to improve your tennis game then good footwork is essential, tennis needs a substantial amount of running around the court and there are ways of doing this correctly.

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Tennis Backhand Drills

Backhand Drills

Are you having problems with your backhand? Sometimes work with your tennis coach just gets a little bit predictable and you have to add or change certain elements of your technique work. If you live in the Killara area then Tennis World Chatswood offer great tennis coaching lessons that will definitely help you to work on your backhand.

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Improve Your Tennis

Tricks To Improve Your Game

Practicing tennis with your friends or taking lessons from your tennis coach will of course improve your game and is the best way to learn. Also watching the top pro’s playing will give you great ideas to bring into your game to improve it.

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kids tennis

Kids Tennis

It is debatable at what age you should introduce children to tennis or tennis lessons. There are official programs such as Tennis Whizz Kids that are formulated for kids between 3 & 4 year olds. Your local tennis club will give you advice on what is the best time to start your child learning tennis.

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