Opponents in Tennis

Learning To Appreciate Your Opponents Play

A great deal of tennis points are lost to either unforced errors or bad shots, not because the opponent has hit an ace. When you are learning about the game forget about trying for the big winner all the time, you would be far better working with your tennis coach on how to cut out errors in your game.

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Setting Realistic Expectations

Tennis is a game littered with opportunities to err and to make mistakes, even the top pros at the highest level make mistakes. What raises them above the average player is their acceptability that making mistakes is part of the game, and they quickly move on.

When you are playing at a social level normally more errors are made than the amount of winners. Tennis coaches regularly practice with their students that it is foolish for players to get upset with every error you make.
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The Different Grips in Tennis

Often players struggle with their technical game and how to play their shots, but this could have a lot to do with a basic thing, and that is your grip.

There are prefered grips for certain shots, but if you feel uncomfortable using them you will always struggle trying to deliver. You need to work closely with your tennis coach on your grip, a sample change of tension, or where the fingers are located may take your games to another level.
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Are You Willing To Lose?

Many tennis players are “Safe Players” , what is meant by this is that they play well within themselves and do not go out of their comfort zone. This can be either in their shot selection, or the fact they are too afraid of the consequences an unexpected loss might have on their ego.
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