Hot Shots Challenge 3rd June

Our second Hot Shots Challenge for 2018 will be held on Sunday 3rd June. Its going to be a great afternoon of tennis and fun. For more information please click here

Dec/Jan Holiday Camps

We have the total upcoming Summer Holiday covered with 7 weeks of camp on offer!

Click here for more information

Camp 1: Mon 11th – Fri 15th December 2017

Camp 2: Mon 18th  – Fri 22nd December 2017

Camp 3: Tues 2nd  – Fri 5th January 2018

Camp 4: Mon 8th  – Friday 12th January 2018

Camp 5: Mon 15th – Fri 19th January 2018

Camp 6: Mon 22ndThur 25th January 2018

Camp 7: Monday 29th January 2018

Doubles Dilemmas

Doubles Dilemmas

Playing doubles is completely different than singles tennis, obviously technically the shots technique remain the same but the tactics and learning to play with a partner is totally different. For instance you might normally prefer to hit the “T” when serving in singles, but opt to serve out wide on doubles so the return will give an opportunity for your partner to poach.

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Service Strategies

Service Strategies

The serve is one of the most important shots in tennis, and one that you have no choice to master. Unlike every other shot in tennis you have no alternative but serve, and it commences every game.

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Opponents in Tennis

Learning To Appreciate Your Opponents Play

A great deal of tennis points are lost to either unforced errors or bad shots, not because the opponent has hit an ace. When you are learning about the game forget about trying for the big winner all the time, you would be far better working with your tennis coach on how to cut out errors in your game.

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